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Sosonkin Mikhail G., doctor of philosophy, head of laboratory

After passing degree work in MAO of NAS of of USSR Sosonkin has received the recommendation for receipt in post-graduate course of M. In 1969 has acted in target post-graduate course and was directed for passage of a course to an astrophysical department of Physical and technical institute (FTI) Academy of science of USSR.

Subjects of his scientific work were use of new receivers of radiation, in particular of electron-optical converters at observant astronomy. The work was conducted in two directions first - creation of experimental installations and application them in practice of astronomical supervision; second - research of the operational characteristics with the purpose of optimization of their use.

On industrial base FTI Sosonkin has created installation on base EOC UM - 92 for Cassegrain focus of a telescope ZT-2 and similar to it and installation with the same type EOC for focus of Newton. These developments were awarded with a bronze medal VDNH USSR and diploma VDNH USSR.

The basic purposes of these installations were the researches of comets. With their help on a telescope -14 located on observant base MAO Terskol, there were received snapshots of a comet Sandeg 1972f 18.5 s.s. The researches of comets with use EOC were carried out on observant base of the Tadjik institute of astrophysics on p. Sanglok. Their there were received and researched first in USSR spectra of a comet Galley. The installations with EOC were used and for registration of quickly proceeding processes. Sosonkin together with the employees of AO KhSU in Grakovo (base of KhSU) and in Abastuman (Georgia) the researches specl - images of stars were carried out. The study atmospheric kinks of wave front were carried out together from ISI AS USSR.

Already on a post of the chief of a design bureau MAO Sosonkin simultaneously with operation of existing installations, carried out work on creation of devices on a basis EOC of the following generations. Together with the employees of faculty of physics MI and IAP MMM USSR there was a created universal chamber with the amplifier of light (UKUS) with the high operational characteristics, which accessible to work to the operator without special knowledge in electronics. The materials of supervision of comets and spectra of stars received with the help of this device, have formed the basis the several candidate dissertations.

As the chief CB Sosonkin supervised and took part in works on creation such new for MAO of directions as IR- engineering and high-speed photometry.

Having filled a post of the scientific employee of a department of physics of planets and having protected the candidate dissertation " the Theoretical and experimental definitions of conditions of optimum application EC in astrophysics ", Sosonkin were directed by the scientific interest to area of study of planets of solar system by methods FTIR - spectrometry and polarymetry.

Polarymetry, traditional for M the research reception has received in the given time the development in development onboard UV-spectropolarimeter. This device is developed as the regular equipment for a Planetary telescope planned to installation onboard ISS, and intended for study of atmospheres of planets of solar system and surfaces nonatmospheric bodies. The collective controlled by Sosonkin of laboratory takes part in this work, Sosonkin is the responsible executor. The work is carried out as a first-order stage of the general Russian and Ukrainian program of scientific researches on ISS and is in a condition of outline designing.

The experience of FTIR -spectroscopy of atmospheres saved in M has formed the basis the project of the second turn named program - "Inframon", in which Sosonkin is a scientific chief. On the basis of a modern condition of technologies in laboratory was created cryogenic FTIR - spectrometer (FS) that works at temperature of liquid nitrogen. The purpose of this work - registration of spectra weak IR of flows. This FS has served as a prototype of the onboard device, which was planned as a component of the space project of "Prevention"("warning"), which intended for study of communications IR - radiation of ionosphere with tectonically processes.

The researches are continued in directions of modeling of dynamics of pollution of an atmosphere of city and outskirts. Are adapted and the modern mathematical models and databases are used. Sosonkin was named P (principal investigator) from Ukraine in the project EUROTRAC-2, which purpose was study of occurrence, carry and transformations of pollution of an atmosphere above Europe. The further development of work has received in creation of laboratory and item of monitoring on p. Terskol.

The basic results of scientific work of Sosonkin displayed in his publications.


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